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About Valerie

Who is Valerie Schrementi?
Warning: This voice contains an endless supply of belly laughs, creative fun, and quirky cuteness. Open without caution and use contents abundantly. 

Valerie is a visual and vocal artist born and raised in the far South suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. Today she is a mother of two living in LA. Since a very young age Valerie has been known for her unique voice – best described as petite, youthful and childlike. As a kid, some would tease her and others would laugh, creating a childhood self-consciousness for what time would only later prove as a gift. As Valerie reached adulthood, her peers would still notice the voice and simply chalk it up as a signature part of her perky character.

In 2014, Valerie moved to Southern California and decided to take on voice acting to transform her once-curse into a new strength. Today, Valerie is a rising animation star bringing big giggles and fine-tuned acting to kids, parents and producers alike. From promo to gaming to character commercial, elearning, and of course animation – Valerie’s absolutely adorable and altogether original voice is sure to make your project shine. 

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